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Interesting outcomes of IVF cycles with gestational carriers and non- gestational carriers

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Latest findings on gestational and non-gestational carriers have opened a new interesting chapter in science. It has been calculated that live birth rates are higher in gestational carrier compared with non–gestational carrier in vitro fertilization cycles.

The purpose of the research was to evaluate trends and reproductive outcomes of gestational surrogacy in the United States and the conclusion is that the use of gestational carriers was increased during 1999-2013. Gestational carrier cycles had higher rates of ART success than non-gestational carrier cycles, but multiple birth and preterm delivery rates were also higher. These risks may be mitigated by transferring fewer embryos given the higher success rates among gestational carrier cycles.

The findings can be useful for women with uterine-factor infertility, since embryo transfer with the use of a Gestational carrier resulted in a higher odds of live birth for autologous fresh embryos and for cryopreserved embryos compared with patients with non–uterine-factor infertility diagnoses.

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