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Improving your chances for IVF success

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Getting into shape before you start IVF, can improve your chances of the treatment being successful and you becoming parents.

ivf success

According to recent research, you should:

Stop smoking: Smokers have lower fertility than non-smokers and smoking reduces your chances of IVF success. It is recommended you quit smoking at least 3 months before starting IVF treatment.


  • require higher dosages of fertility drugs to stimulate their ovaries
  • have lower implantation rates than nonsmokers
  • Women who smoke require almost twice as many IVF attempts

Don’t be overweight. It can cause hormonal imbalances that disrupt ovulation and reduce sperm quality, which of course decrease the likelihood of conception. Losing even just five to ten kilograms can greatly improve your chances of IVF success. Don’t forget though that seriously underweight women are also at greater risk of having success with IVF. So, stay within a healthy weight range

Have a balanced diet: A well-balanced diet is essential for your health but also for the wellbeing of a growing fetus.

Don’t consume too much caffeine: Women who consume a lot of caffeine (more than three cups of coffee per day) may take longer to conceive.

Restrict your alcohol intake: Alcohol can decrease fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage.

If you need a fertility treatment, you should start it as soon as possible. Age is considered to be IVF’s worst enemy and the odds of having a successful pregnancy decrease as you approach age 40.

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