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What’s different about Mild and Natural IVF?

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Mild and Natural IVF is different from high stimulation IVF in the approach. It focuses on the quality of the eggs retrieved and watches the woman’s natural menstrual cycle. Instead, conventional high stimulation IVF uses high doses of drugs to grow lots of follicles that make the menstrual cycle stop, before re-starting it again.

The main concern of Mild and Natural IVF is the wellbeing of the woman, since there is no use of stimulating drugs . In this method, there are fewer drugs, less side effects and a shorter duration of the treatment. Moreover, treatment focuses on the good quality eggs that need gentle help to mature. This quality approach delivers excellent success rates.

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When the procedure of IVF includes the conventional way of treatment, women may develop Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), because of the FSH injections and could experience some annoying side effects, such as nausea, pain and swollen ovaries. On the other side, the milder IVF approach is the closest a woman can get to natural fertilisation via IVF. There are no stimulating drugs or injections that make the womb more receptive to pregnancy, while the whole treatment is safer and more affordable.

Natural IVF

Natural IVF is suitable for every woman who is still ovulating and wants to avoid or reduce stimulating IVF drugs, however it is particularly suitable for those who have low ovarian/egg reserve, low Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH), high Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), a history of hormone-dependent cancers, previous failure of implantation with conventional IVF, a poor response to conventional IVF (e.g. produced fewer than three eggs), are older but wish to try with their own eggs, suffer from severe endometriosis and want to avoid the risks and side effects of high stimulation IVF.

Natural Modified IVF

Natural Modified IVF is very similar to Natural IVF, with the difference that it includes a short course of stimulating drugs. A different medication is given for 3-4 days prior to egg collection to prevent spontaneous ovulation, in addition to a small dose of stimulation hormone to keep the follicles healthy and growing. This is much less when compared to the 4-5 weeks of drugs given in conventional IVF.

A key benefit of Natural Modified IVF is an improved success rate compared with Natural Cycle IVF (whilst still maintaining many of the benefits). Moreover, the lining of the womb is more favourable for implantation in Natural Modified IVF than conventional, while the less fertility drugs mean lowered risks and chance of side effects. It is also more affordable than conventional, high stimulation IVF treatments and there is no need for breaks between the cycles.



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