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Does freezing my eggs mean unfreezing my career?

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Does freezing my eggs mean unfreezing my

I was surprised when I read that companies like Apple and Facebook decided to cover the expenses for women employees to have their eggs frozen, so that they will put off family life and continue to work hard for many years. I strongly believe that a woman must have the choice to freeze her eggs and become a mother later in life, but it should be her decision, not her employer’s.

These tech giants had analysed statistics and realized that they are losing the most women from their companies around the time they have children. I believe though that they haven’t taken into account the fact that the majority of working mothers are loyal employees, who want to keep their jobs and be able to blend their work life with their home life. That’s how they can be more productive, more efficient at work; by having a balance in their lives.

Some women think their employers’ decision is an answer to their prayers, but the majority (including me) believe that the decision on when to become a mother should be taken only by the woman and her partner. It is a woman’s right  to put her family before work.

If she hasn’t found the right partner and chooses to “freeze” time by freezing her eggs until she finds the right father for her children, it is a good option. Eggs of a 25-year old woman have more “dynamic” that the ones of a 40-year old woman. So if you choose to freeze your eggs and not become a mother until you feel the time is right to have a child, the frozen eggs used for IVF later in life will have the dynamic of a 25-year old.

Employers, who decided to intervene in such an important decision for the life of a woman, could have a different approach and support employees who decide to become mothers during their most fertile years by offering benefits, child-care at work and many other alternative benefits. Freezing your eggs in order to become a mother later in life should be the woman’s choice, not the employers’.


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