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Children being read to every day have less socioemotional problems

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Only 5-10% of the children that are read to every day have socioemotional difficulties, while problems with their behavior based on emotional struggling have 3 out of 10 of the children that are read to less than once a week. These facts are released by the Economic and Social Research Council, raising awareness about the importance of reading to our kids, in order to give them a great start in life.

The correlation between reading and the wellness of our children doesn’t only have to do with their academic success but more about their mental health and happiness.

It is scientifically proven that parents have the ability to offer a precious treasure to their children and this treasure goes way beyond keeping kids healthy and fed. It has to do with the stories they read to them. From the day they are born, being read to should be very efficient for their emotional world and this is a fact that parents should know.  Lots of studies have shown that this is a way to help them speak earlier, interact, bond with their parents and even read early themselves. If they pass these milestones early enough to feel confident, it will help them feel close to their caretakers, understand the world around them and be helpful and giving adults.

kidsSo, if you are a parent, do not underestimate the value of reading to your children, even if they are still only babies. The bonding experience is unbeatable and the benefits for their emotional world are priceless.

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